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what harry reid said is another example that they're not playing nice. >> herman cain, thank you. we will have a democrat, republican, former congressman arthur davis on this. he, too, is furious at the way harry reid has played this. hello, everyone, i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city. and this is "the five." ♪ one of the stars from one of the most popular shows on television will be joining us later this hour. duck commander ceo willie robertson of duck dynasty will be here, so don't go anywhere. we begin with brand new developments on the brutal school bus beating. three 15-year-old suspects made their first appearance in court for the attack on a 13-year-old
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july 9th. one faces armed robbery charge for stealing from the victim. they want nine months of supervised probation. no contact with the victim, random drug testing. and the teens were ordered to return to court in two weeks. phil keating caught up with one of the suspects and his father this morning on their way to court. here's the dad. >> thought about the victim, that's the way it is. my son ain't been no bad person, you know, he just got mixed in with bad people, that's all. that's it. >> is he sorry? >> he's sorry. >> so was that the right response? eric, you have a young teenage son. if this were your son and he was involved in something clearly wrong, it made national headlines, a reporter asked you what you thought of this, is that what you would have said? >> no, i -- by the way, prosecutors want nine months of court supervised probation, like what else, the other one, random drug testing.
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those seem like slaps on the wrist for what these kids did. these kids literally brutalized a young boy. the 13-year-old kid with a broken arm will be suffering longer than these three. parental punishment should be included in whatever the prosecutors get because this kid won't learn from that. that's not a deterrent to them doing it again. that's basically saying hey, we caught you, you're sorry, but you're sorry you got caught, not because of any of the punishment he is going to get. >> i didn't know what he said. i didn't understand what the dad said. number two, if you're going to go with your kid to court, you wear a t-shirt? >> that's a good question. >> not exactly respectful to the court. bob, fox called the school to ask why the school even let the three boys back on the bus with the other young boy, apparently the young boy who was assaulted did go to school officials and
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say hey, these kids are selling drugs, they pressured me to buy drugs. don't you think proper response from the school should be not let those kids on the same bus? >> they should have called the police and said they're selling drugs in the school, arrest them. i couldn't agree with eric more. the idea you got supervised parole for nine months, random drug testing is ridiculous. given what they did, they should be doing time behind bars. i would say for a stretch of time behind bars. the father did not do anything, what he said, greg, he fell in with a bad bunch, he is really a good kid and yeah, he is really sorry. you can make that argument about anything in life. you fall with the wrong crowd. i hang with eric, you can understand why i make my mistakes. >> i think, dana, society seems to be moving toward a culture of no discipline, so these are thin charges they hit the boys with. the school didn't intervene and do anything. are they moving away from disciplining kids? should they have been stricter?
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>> you know what, i think that we're making too much of this. i think there are millions of kids who go to school every day and they're safe on a bus, this one happened to be videotaped. it was horrible. i hate watching this type of video, i hate this type of violence. without having any sort of prior record, perhaps with the judge having the discretion to say all right, we give you one more chance. what else could the father say at this point? i think any father who was in the same position would with probably say the same thing. hopefully at home -- first of all, i would say no media interviews, that would be my first thing, not being rewarded for that. they realize also they're fighting for this kid to be able to have some sort of future. if he doesn't say he's sorry, he wants to move on, i don't know what else he could do. >> maybe nothing. maybe, you know, you're a father, hope my kid stays out of jail, the kid hopes he stays out of jail, don't you think it is time for people call them the race merchants, the race
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industry to step up and say that's not enough, that's not enough. these kids brought one innocent kid to the brink of maybe some serious damage if not killing the kid, they deserve more. if they don't get more, al sharpton could stand up and say this isn't right. >> we talk about this every other day on "the five." al sharpton is not going to say anything, greg. we can sit here, wait, hope it changes, but it doesn't. how about this. if i were the mother and father of that boy who was assaulted, i would sue the school. i would sue the school for negligent supervision, i think he has a strong case against the school. he warned them. this is traditional behavior from schools, they sit back, don't do anything. now they have a big problem. wouldn't that deter kids if they knew they were getting expelled, then motivate the parents to say you better behave, because i can't afford or i am not going to pay for private school? >> i don't know, you could argue that the victim is actually racist because he called the
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police, because these guys are selling drugs, and that's a product of the environment. maybe he is the real villain here. the big message here is how real bravery in my opinion has nothing to do with race. real bravery is replaced by the fake kind. we can attack anybody on the web, get into arguments any time we want, from the safe confines of our home. when we're on the street, on the bus, we keep our eyes down, read our books and cower. brave opinions have been replaced, have replaced brave actions due to fear and acceptance by society of aggressiveness. we have accepted aggressiveness and coarseness on the streets and don't know how to turn back. that's why you see this stuff happening. you -- and teens understand now they have a new power they didn't have before. adults have abdicated responsibility. let's face it, years ago an adult that you didn't know could slap you on the street if you
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acted up. that doesn't happen any more because that adult would get sued. >> and parents, parents used to be able to smack their kids, now kids call child services, the parent gets locked up, bob, for probably what your father did. i ate the back of my dad's hand, but i deserved it when i mouthed off. can i play an o'reilly sound bite. take a listen. >> no fair minded person, no fair minded person should believe most black americans want to hurt whites. they don't. that bus attack was about three thugs beating up a kid who objected to their behavior. no evidence there's a crime more than that. but there's plenty of evidence that the power structure in america doesn't want to help solve the dissolution of the traditional family which is the root, the root from which violence and personal failure
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grows. >> this kid had a mother and father, one of them at least. i grew up with mother and father. difference, my old man beat the hell out of me every day. would i be better with a family that dissolved, yes. if i could have gotten out of that place earlier, i would have. going back to sharpton, one of the excuses they use, i don't agree, but one excuse they use is trayvon martin was murdered by a guy who walked. these kids beat up a kid and broke his arm, got nine months. >> never laid a hand on my son in 15 years, never hit the kid. you don't have to hit someone to have them be obedient an act normal in society. >> what do you do, go one, two, three? >> you punish but you do it in a way that isn't necessarily physical, corporal punishment. i take stuff away, take the phone away. he goes crazy. he hates me for a day or two, he gets over it, realizes next time he's going to do something stupid, he may lose his phone a few days.
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>> so we talked about the absence of dads in african-american families, but there is a dad. there's a dad and the dad takes the son to court. maybe he should have worn a suit. the dad says it was wrong, my son -- there's shame. and shame can be powerful. i think that instead of dumping on the dad, we should say thanks for sticking around, thanks for going to court, if he doesn't get the punishment he deserves, hopefully at home he understands this is unacceptable. why can't we thank the guy being there. >> o'reilly said dissolution of the family is the problem, that's not the case here. >> it is two different things. >> not fair to the two other fathers, they have been advised by legal counsel not to speak and say anything to admit their kids did something wrong. so that's a really good point, dana.
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this father did speak out against what his son did. but what would you do? >> well, i mean, different time when i was still active behind johnny walker, i would have done probably a little damage. notice the police chief jumped on the bus driver again about not doing something about it, the guy is 67 years old, retired apparently. what greg said was important. there were a lot of other kids on that bus could have done something. if i had been on this, i view it differently. my tendency is to mix it up. probably a mistake, which is why my fingers are busted up. people should get more aggressively involved and stop this from happening. >> in a way, that goes back to the if you want to link to the decline of family, you get a decline of community from define of family because people don't stick together, they don't coach teams any more, neighbors don't know their neighbors, people tend to stay away. the bus is almost a metaphor for what happened in cleveland, which is that people keep to
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themselves. young girls were trapped in a house ten years. nobody, nobody found them. they just walked down the street. the bus is no different. >> we have to move on, but this is important. this is a federal judge ruling in new york city monday that the stop and risk tactics of the nypd violated constitutional rights of minorities in the city. this judge called it indirect racial profiling. why should everybody out there care? because eric, this is coming to cities, to everybody at home, this is something that department of justice is pushing. they're pushing to get these advisory boards to monitor the cops. can you imagine if cops can't stop and frisk suspects? >> i was wrestling with this all day yesterday, trying to figure out, i am very much in favor of fourth amendment, probable cause, greg's head is going to explode if i say it one more time. trying to apply this.
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you talk about that being constitutional, stop and frisk being constitutional. where's the probable cause. somewhere between 90 and 95% of stops had probable cause. point out one more thing, this judge is apparently an activist judge, had a lot of decisions overturned. in her opinion she cites barack obama, she cites "the new york times" and the george zimmerman case. so i have a hunch new york city will appeal. i have a hunch it will be overturned. >> of course the cops say probable cause. too many stops. it is clearly violation of fourth amendment, it is profiling and ought to stop. >> profiling and fourth amendment are two things. >> wait a second. i understand why the police react. remember police review boards, something that freaked them out
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a long time ago, overseeing by independent board makes sense. the cops can say whatever they want, whose word will they take. >> one of the things the judge suggests is to privately videotape them without their consent. how does that not violate the same principle you're talking about? >> because you're in a public place. >> bob, the cases she looked at, this judge ruled most of them constitutional. she said they had the right to stop them, to frisk them. one cop looked in his pockets, greg, she said sorry, you can't do that. and this stop and frisk law benefits mostly hispanics and african-americans, because they go into the bad neighborhoods, bob, they have illegal guns, cops have to do their job. who are they protecting in the bad neighborhoods? >> who have they picked up that was illegal? >> small part. greg? >> interesting thing, new york city is the safest, largest city in the country, there's a
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reason, has to do with practices, andrea is correct. the reason minorities are stopped us because they're in the minority neighborhoods. whites are stopped at larger proportion than they commit crime, they do it so it is not a racial thing. there's no alternative to this success. the reason you don't see movies like "death wish" and the warriors, you can't film those in new york, new york is no longer like that. you can't make those movies, you can make them in chicago, make them in detroit, make them in atlanta, can't make them here. why did chicago's murder rate go down awhile? new york cops went there. >> yep. >> and now we're going to adopt the practices of the losers and return to the 1970s and 1980s. >> this is too successful. >> so you override the constitution? >> the nsa program. successful. >> it is not.
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it is very much different. there's probable cause. >> what is the probable cause? >> someone acting suspicious. >> one of the suspects was crawling out of a window of a dilapidated home. another was a wanted poster. he looked exactly like the one on wanted poster. these are the ones the judge said were constitutional. no, this judge is wrong on this, makes me want to leave new york. so ridiculous. coming up, willie robertson makes a guest appearance on "the five." stick around. the postal service is critical to our economy. delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses,
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♪ by now, you probably heard me complain about the waste, fraud and abuse in our entitlement program, specifically food stamp or snap program. bob claims fraud is minimal. i beg to differ. i would say abuse approaches tens of billions of dollars. case in point. meet mr. jason greenslat, surfer
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dude that lives on food stamps you finance. >> my ebt snap card, got the coast of california on it. >> how do you get a snap card. >> go to human resource office, have your birth certificate, social security card, got a paycheck coming in, so i qualify. that's that. >> and how often do you have to do it. >> they have it now you do it once a year. >> that's so cool. what does he do with all the free money? >> i got my rainbow, ahi, salmon, eel, yellow tail, and lobster on special. got lobster. and coconut water. coconut water, all paid for by
2:21 pm
our wonderful tax dollars. >> i could go on and i probably will. first, let's check in with mr. food stamp abuse is almost nonexistent, bobby. >> first of all, once again we have done a wonderful trick, taking one guy out of california who makes good copy, good footage, you put him up, say this is the new face of food stamps. there are millions and millions of people that use food stamps to feed their kids. this is just a cheap shot at people who abuse food stamps. why? the best footage we could find. >> no one said there shouldn't be any supplemental nutrition assistance program, not saying that. we're saying there's a lot of waste, fraud and abuse. guy points out, only check in once a year. >> i understand. you use him as example of widespread fraud and abuse. that's one. >> the program went from 30 million people on it when president obama took over, now 47.5 million on the program. >> because it is easier to get
2:22 pm
the food stamps. they only have to check in once a year. i have given anecdotes in the city, i stood behind people using an ebt card. it is a woman, the card is for a man, it is not her card. they encourage you to buy organic salmon and things i can't afford in the city. bob, listen, i see your point. food stamps is a necessary program but it is being abused, and the bigger it gets, the more it will be abused. >> get these guys in here. dana, 59 billion in '09, slated to be 80 billion. >> that's a special bret baier hosted, i watched it this weekend, wasn't just about the abuse, it was about growth of food stamps. there was a question senator sessions in alabama has a couple pieces of legislation in front of congress to look at from a moral standpoint shouldn't bebe
2:23 pm
going a new direction to find the means. there are ways to do it as society. one is to help encourage things like fracking which would be a huge boom to the american economy, help people be able to make ends meet. it is a great example of a horrible abuse, and if i were in california, governor brown should go find him, there should be penalty. a bad apple can spoil the bunch. that's what happens when you have examples like this. >> they should punish him. >> he is just one part of a malaise mosaic of professionals that are basically lettering in scamming, it is not just food stamps, there's a whole other realm of programs you can scam. but i have to say this, conservatives make a huge mistake when you're stigma advertising users of a program using this guy. stig stigmatize the government. these scams happen because they're not watching the safe.
2:24 pm
they're letting it happen. you have to focus, i think you have to focus ire on the government and not isolated cases, as humorous as that is. >> that's not what it is. we pointed out there's waste fraud and abuse because the government allows it. if you make the bar easy to jump over, there are guys like this that are frankly funny. you say waste, fraud abuse, a lot is what? >> what about obama care? >> we have to go. they're about to give it out with no verification. >> wrapping. up next, ashton kutcher has a message for teenagers about the importance of hard work. listen. >> and i never had a job in my life that i was better than. i was always just lucky to have a job. >> more on the actor's advice next on "the five." ♪ please.
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♪ every now and then a celebrity will say something that won't make your ears vomit. like ananding in russia, must be noted kutcher. >> when i was 13 i had my first job with my dad carrying shingles up to the roof. then i got a job washing dishes at a restaurant. then i got a job in a grocery store deli. then in a factory sweeping up dust off the ground. and i never had a job in my life that i was better than. i was always just lucky to have a job, and every job i had was a stepping stone to my next job, and i never quit my job until i had my next job, and so opportunities look a lot like
2:30 pm
work. >> he addresses what i call the hole, the empty feeling inside when you feel unproductive, like your belly, it must be filled daily with work. to learn how to fill it, matters not what you put in it, as long as it is fruitful. any work is good work. still, we in the media denigrate minimum wage because media hacks can't see why anyone would work in anything but media. but work is not called play, after all. you work not because you choose to but because you must. financially and spiritually, work is the salad for your soul to keep you out of the darkness. we all had bad jobs. i applied to be a rat catcher once, i was rejected. think about that feels. i wasn't qualified to catch a rat. now i catch them on tv, weiner, filner, spitzer, all rats with disgusting tales. my point is, it doesn't matter what you do. for now, do something that gives you the freedom to do what you do later. look at my job, no heavy lifting, no splinters. worst thing is avoiding dana
2:31 pm
when she doesn't get in jekss of leap your blood. work may be the only value left and it is vanishing, thanks to the government who prefers your pride to be a part time pursuit. why work for the man when the government can pay you not to. there's got to be the best feeling in the world, dana, is your first paycheck. doesn't that change everything? >> yeah. i loved that day. >> that was two years ago for you. >> you know what i love -- >> working six flags. >> in the kiddy section. what i like about ashton kutcher, he obviously had a lot on his mind. >> you also said he is cute. >> he is kind of -- he was an underwear model at some point. i don't look at things like that, i don't know how you knew that. he has a lot on his mind. he wanted to say this, and it means so much more to kids to hear it from someone like him than hear it from anybody here.
2:32 pm
>> or a politician. >> he can grab them. >> that's like the best thing i've heard out of the mouth of somebody from hollywood. >> ever? >> since there was a sick joke. i will skip over. >> no, no, you stopped me from ruining my career. >> amazing you said that, to be perfectly honest, i hadn't heard that until you played it. shocked. good for him is right. >> he is playing steve jobs in the movie. >> oh, my gosh, is that what this is all about? >> someone said i'll give you a thousand bucks every time you say jobs. >> that was genius . >> i would like to think he was speaking from the heart. i agree with dana, he is very cute. i was one of the girls in the audience that went woo woo! >> no matter what he was saying. >> i also think a lot of parents
2:33 pm
hesitate making their kids get a part-time job when in school because they're so obsessed with them getting into a good school, they say school work, school work, school work. they should try to have them do both, especially in the summertime. everyone should be required to work in a restaurant. it would teach hue millity, service. >> when you don't work, you are kind of at a loss. isn't that -- >> that's true. >> the description. >> that's right. i think what he said was true. let me say this. getting your first paycheck is the second best feeling you have in your life. >> keep it clean. >> leaving that aside, the other thing he said which was interesting. he said i'll tell you what sex is. sex is about being true to yourself, being good to one another, having the feeling of being involved in your community. a number of other things. that's what sexy is about, it is
2:34 pm
not how you look. that was terrific on his part, particularly those of us that are ugly. >> only good-looking people will say that. it is not about looks and they're always 11s. >> wait a minute, the other day a woman walked by the studio, bob, and she wasn't talking about the importance of having a job and you went woo woo, and you thought she was sexy. >> i was trying to get her on food stamps. >> oh. >> that's what he calls his band. >> stop and frisk! >> there's the one down side to stop and frisk. >> you're terrible, bob. now you're in trouble. ahead on "the five," the wait is over for "duck dynasty" fans. a new season is about to begin. >> why you so fat? >> not fat, trying to escape for a few minutes. >> what are you escaping from? >> my wife. >> duck commander, ceo himself,
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with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ a special day here on "the five." not just because bob has a legitimate date tonight, we rarely have guests, but couldn't pass up a chance to talk to the starve one of the hottest shows on tv. almost 10 million watched the third season finale of "duck dynasty." season four kicks off tomorrow. we are happy to have willie robertson here for his first cable interview. >> excited to be here. >> we watch your show all the time. >> watch all the time. >> i don't watch television. i watch "duck dynasty" because i couldn't figure out whether it
2:40 pm
was real or not, i finally decided it was, i thought hell, that would be a good family to move in with, then they got too much purity. hey, let me ask you a question about this. do your people in that town of yours, is there any jealousy towards your family because you have all of this success, you make all this dough? >> couple people maybe. not a lot. >> do you shoot them? >> we try to refrain from that. they're excited. we bring a lot of people in, visitors come in from all over the world, thousands flock in. i didn't know they were going to do that when we started. i wasn't prepared for fans coming up to the office. we went, they were in our lobby, went from the lobby, i built a store. now they overrun the store, the store is expanding, they wait in the parking lot, they drive through. hardest part is getting in the building. >> what do you think makes you so successful, you're surprised, obviously you weren't prepared for it. >> not that big. i mean, i would say this, we
2:41 pm
didn't start out to be mediocre. thought we had something good, thought the show would be good. to the level it went to be the number one reality show and most watched show in the history of a and e. >> why do you think that happened? >> i think it is combination of the family values. it was a throw back show. i think the prayer at the end, something simple to us, but that struck a nerve, and it is funny. and it is hard to be funny. hard to be funny all the time. yeah, the comedy brought in all these people. then all of a sudden you have a show kids can watch and grandparents, and you have all of the generations, you have my children, us, then my parents and uncle sy. you cover the gamut of people. >> willie, how much do producers play a role in the show? have they ever told you, tried to edit something out about your family because you are very spiritual and you believe in family faith. have they ever tried to edit that or is that really your
2:42 pm
family? >> no, that's really our family. i mean, they don't really -- when it was laid out from the start, we talked about having a prayer at the end to bring us back together. that was a symbol for us to say no matter what happens on the show, we're coming he end of this thing, you don't have to panic, think we hate each other. reality tv, let's face it, that's the whole thing. >> we do that after "the five." >> willie, i think there are some days we could use it. >> a lot of similarities. we're kind of like a family. they have a crazy uncle. we have a crazy uncle bob. >> i have a question. you travel the country. i saw you in nashville on stage. i didn't get close enough. >> why didn't you say hello? >> i was embarrassed. i am kidding. when you go around the country, do you see division in america
2:43 pm
or do you see people are actually getting along more than we make out here on "the five." >> good question. i see people more together. i see them liking "duck dynasty," so that brings the country together, it really does, because this show is funny. it breaks through all the demographics, it breaks through a lot of stuff, people see things, even if they're not like how we are as a family, they can strive to be like that, wish we could sit down more, have dinner together. i don't sit as much as i do on the news. >> i imagine your bathroom, your shower drains are a nightmare. >> yes, daily. >> i know everybody wants to be real nice to you here and i'm being real nice to you because i liked you right away, but let me ask you a question. i heard you were up for being on the board of national rifle association. i have to bring politics into
2:44 pm
this. are you for background checks for people buying guns? >> yeah. >> good for you. >> i'm okay with a background check, you know. >> bob, i have a lot of weapons, and every time i have to fill out the paperwork to get the weapon. >> not carrying any now? >> only my beard. only my beard. >> wants to wrap. we have another segment with you. quickly, you go around the country and speak, i read somewhere your christian beliefs are nonnegotiable, you put them out there. true? >> oh, yeah. it was going to be impossible to make a show about our family without our faith and that part of it, yeah, we talk about it everywhere. >> and you talk about the value of work, which we have been talking a lot about. >> i like me some work, i am a ceo. i like people that work. >> you're a good task master. you try to keep everybody on line. >> food stamps -- >> do you think your brother, if
2:45 pm
he is not prepared, that's like bob on the show? >> what do you mean? prepared all the time. >> i'm going. >> we get to come back. willie will give us a sneak peek at the upcoming season of "duck dynasty." ♪ [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally.
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♪ we're back with willie robertson from "duck dynasty," season four kicks off tomorrow. here is a preview. >> why you so fat? >> i'm not fat, just trying to escape for a few minutes. >> what are you escaping from? >> my wife and that stinking wedding. >> you boys are starting to sound whipped there. >> not whipped, just sad. >> i ain't whipped. butter is whipped, cream is whipped. horses are whipped. willie ain't whipped. >> chow. >> what is that? >> that's my whip. >> it broke. >> like to ask your wife if
2:50 pm
you're whipped or not. andrea. >> two quick questions. when president obama said people cling to their god and their religion and their guns, did you feel offended by that, and who do you like for 2016 on the republican side. >> i was offended by that. who do i like for 2016. see what comes out, curious about jindal. >> bobby jindal. will you run for congress? it is the question everyone is asking on twitter. >> i heard today i was doing that. that's interesting. news to me. >> willie, let me tell you something, last thing you want to do is go to congress, man. >> you could run his campaign. >> i couldn't, but you couldn't wear camo on the floor of the house of representatives. why would you want to do that, stay where he is. making millions of bucks. for duck horns. >> are you scared of my politics and what i would bring in? >> i do. you would be another right
2:51 pm
winger adding onto right wingers. >> going to ask if you were interested in that vacated congressional seat in louisiana. >> i am kind of busy now, got a lot going on. >> okay. i'm sorry, that was your question. >> you wanted to tell us aboabou about -- >> looking forward to this season. do you have a favorite moment we should look for? what should we be looking for. >> this first episode, i don't think there will be a lesson taught on tv that's so powerful about love and forgiveness in marriage than my parents, and it comes at the end. by the end it gets really good. it is funny all the way, but when it comes together at the end, it is my favorite one yet. >> giving me duck bumps. >> you have to go to a doctor. don't go away. then they come back. they're disgusting. i have a question.
2:52 pm
buddy of mine has a theory if you do something for ten years, you can't help but be successful, if you just stick to something. how long did it take for you guys to actually reach your success? >> well, dad started the business 40 years ago, and i think the key for him was he was content, kept those expectations down, didn't want too much too soon and he was happy. like he says, happy happy, what he was doing, wasn't about money and any of that, he was happy what he was doing, was able to hunt all the time. by the time i came in, i brought a lot of energy, said hey, see if we can take it to the next level. the lord blessed us and here we are. >> you have young children we met, teenage children. are you worried what this exposure does for them, what their future is like being your daughters? >> the thing i worry about, that's probably number one. they didn't necessarily sign up for this. if i ever get sick of this or that, i can blame myself, for them they kind of came along.
2:53 pm
i do worry. i talk to them, let them know, you don't have to be on the show, be a part of this. they're great kids though. i know they were raised right. they love the lord and are doing fantastic. they have their own speaking gigs, flying their friends in from out of town. >> i watch your show, it is one of the best i've seen. willie, thanks for joining us. best of luck with the new season, man. thank you much. one more thing is up next. don't miss it. ♪ she's still the one for you -
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♪ it is time now for one more thing. greg gutfeld. >> banned phrase today, lots of moving parts. this is a complicated way of saying it's complicated. only machines have lots of moving parts. don't describe anything else that has lots of moving parts, like a cake doesn't have one. >> is that it? >> that cake you made out of old parts you tried to make me eat. >> those were lemur parts. >> dana. >> my one more thing is kind of stupid. coast of spain has a new hotel and they are making it a twitter hotel. they're saying they're the first twitter hotel in the whole world. you can go there, don't have to leave your room, you can
2:58 pm
socialize with everybody on twitter. they have a twitter party. it is so dumb. maybe people will go there. you know, this is how spain is growing their economy. >> i see. >> you will not be going, i assume, bobby? >> no. >> you're next. >> played basketball in the swimming pool, look at what happened when these guys got together, choreographed a trick basketball shot that's gone viral on the internet. take a look at this. >> that's great. >> eric and i could do that, don't want to -- >> not wearing the speedo. why is your phone on. good lord. very quickly. remember i told you clinton was supposed to testify on benghazi,
2:59 pm
bumped her head, so she couldn't, then did later. remember when she said this. >> what difference at this point does it make? very important, what difference does it make, that was a long time ago, january. today we found out the attorney for the benghazi whistleblowers says 400 surface to air missiles were likely stolen from the annex at benghazi. i don't know, folks, i like the conspiracies, maybe she was trying to get the whole benghazi thing over quickly. it made the difference. >> speaking of benghazi, the man who is accused of making the video that spurred the whole killing of four americans fears that once his sentence is up, authorities may continue to continue to detain him under the false guise of his own protection. if i were this man, i would get an attorney and i would sue for selective prosecution. if you want to e-mail me, i have one ready to do it and i would. that's it for "the five." thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow.
3:00 pm
bret baier and special report next! illegal and unconstitutional. that's how one republican is describing changes to obama care, creating a loophole and potentially higher bills for you. this is "special report." good evening, i am shannon bream in for bret baier. there are new questions about exceptions to the health care law, involving exemptions in washington and concessions for insurance companies. we have fox team coverage. jim angle reports on the double standard of creators and implement ors of obama care not having to participate. we begin with correspond
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